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Congratulations to all our winners at the
2012 Tri-County Fair

Best of Show Award Winners
Exhibitors win a piano finish clock
CR Ceramics Ruby Wyckhuyse
Sage Petroleum Products
CT Crafts Sherry Ranf
Barrick - Turquoise Ridge Joint Venture
CA Creative Arts Katie Kern
Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority
CK Crocheting / Knitting Earlana Lamkey
Gold Corp, Marigold Mine
DA Digital Arts Becky Hill
Model T
FA Fine Arts Maryanna Enochson
Newmont Mining
FL Floriculture Penny Gean Beck
Winnemucca Inn
FD Foods Roberta Rothwell
Winners Hotel & Casino
FP Food Preservation Lynelle Busker
Chihuahua's Grill & Cantina
FV Fruits, Vegetables & Crops Penny Gean Beck
HN Handwork / Needlework Jean Kinney
Sundance Casino
PH Photography Edward Tester
D.R. Dins Painting
QT Quilting Cynthia Knight
Motel Scott Shady Court
RC Recycling Carol Mason
D.R. Dins Painting
SW Sewing Lynelle Busker
Handy Services
  Senior Citizen Betty Kyllo
Denio Junction


Other Adult Awards
Cook of the Year Piano Finish Clock
Kris Stewart
Tri-County Fair
Humboldt County High Point Exhibitor Piano Finish Clock
Penny Gean Beck
Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce
Lander County High Point Exhibitor Piano Finish Clock
Helen Thompson
Model T Resort Casino
Pershing County High Point Exhibitor Piano Finish Clock
Pamela Munk
Inland Supply Company


High Point Award Winners
Exhibitors win a special rossette
CR Ceramics
Dennis Wirthlin
CT Crafts
Sherry Ranf
CA Creative Arts
Sherry Ranf
CK Crocheting / Knitting
Earlana Lamkey
DA Digital Arts
Samantha Evans
FA Fine Arts
Sherry Ranf
FL Floriculture
Carol Mason
FD Foods
Brenda Olson
FP Food Preservation
Kris Stewart
FV Fruits, Vegetables & Crops
Penny Gean Beck
HN Handwork / Needlework
Jean Kinney
PH Photography
Sondra Sayles
QT Quilting
Cynthia Knight
RC Recycling
Sherry Ranf
SW Sewing
Lynnele Busker


Fair Favorite Award Winners
CR Ceramics Karen Hibberds Chamber Checks
Gold Corp, Marigold Mine
CT Crafts Helen Thompson Chamber Checks
Model T
CA Creative Arts Valerie Watkins Chamber Checks
Newmont Mining
CK Crocheting / Knitting Sharon Krupicka Chamber Checks
Winnemucca Inn
DA Digital Arts Edward Tester Chamber Checks
Winners Hotel & Casino
FA Fine Arts Sherry Ranf Chamber Checks
Chihuahua's Grill & Cantina
FL Floriculture Tina Gastelecutto Chamber Checks
FD Foods Kris Stewart Gift Certificate
Nature's Corner
FP Food Preservation Kris Stewart Gift Certificate
Big R Stores
FV Fruits, Vegetables & Crops Steve Ballew Chamber Checks
Sundance Casino
HN Handwork / Needlework April Ballard Chamber Checks
D.R. Dins Painting
PH Photography Gretchen Westhoff Chamber Checks
Global Coffee
QT Quilting Colleen Dunlap Chamber Checks
Scott Shady Court
RC Recycling Helen Thompson Chamber Checks
C & M Auto Clinic
SW Sewing Megan Villarreal Chamber Checks
Financial Horizons Credit Union


Senior Awards
Exhibitors receive Chamber Checks
Best of Show Betty Kyllo
High Point Exhibitor Thomas Kucharek
Fair Favorite Iva Heitz
Agriculture Grand Champion
Thomas Kucharek
Home Arts Grand Champion
Marie Swanger
Foods Grand Champion
Sheryl Curtis
Creative Arts Grand Champion
Mary Ann Miller


Mini-Construction Contest
Age Category
6 - 9
Clarissa Olson
10 - 12
Ethan Wadsworth
13 - 18
Michael Dittman
19 & Older
Tonya Hodge

Mayor & Youth Awards
Exhibitors receive a $50.00 Chamber Check
Mayor Award 4-H Junior Grand Champion

Emma Fretwell
Mayor Award 4-H Intermediate Grand Champion

Paige Fretwell
Mayor Award 4-H Senior Grand Champion

Janet Johnson accepting for her son Lane
Lane Johnson
Mayor Award 4-H Senior Grand Champion
Megan Barton
Mayor Award Open Youth Grand Champion
Samantha Sharp
Open Youth Agriculture Grand Champion

Madison Montero
Open Youth Creative Arts Grand Champion

Mattierose Johnson
Open Youth Home Arts Grand Champion
Colleen Dunlap
Open Youth Foods Grand Champion
Katarina Busker


Parade Awards
Most Original Birthday Special (Jan & Janice Cannon) Prize Money & Plaque
One Moccasin Generations of Chief Winnemucca (Vonnie Sam) Prize Money & Plaque
Hitch Drawn Vehicle 1st Place Lazy P Drafts (Kim Petersen) Prize Money & Plaque
Commercial 1st Place Big R Ranch & Home Supply (Shannon Patterson) Prize Money & Plaque
Commercial 2nd Place Tumbleweed Productions Blue Ribbon
Commercial 3rd Place Norco (Rally & Kristy Lara) Red Ribbon
Non-Commercial 1st Place American Legion Auxiliary Prize Money & Plaque
Non-Commercial 2nd Place Masonic Lodge Rainbow Girls Blue Ribbon
Non-Commercial 3rd Place Northern Nevada ATV Association (Howard Hammond) Red Ribbon
Political 1st Place Jim White for County Commissioner Prize Money & a Plaque
Political 2nd Place Marlene Brissenden for County Commissioner Blue Ribbon
Political 3rd Place Garley Amos for County Commissioner Red Ribbon
Best Musical 1st Place Desert Native Country & Western Band (Gilbert George) Prize Money & a Plaque
Mounted Group 1st Place Ignacio Torres Family & their Dancing Horses Prize Money & a Plaque
Mounted Group 2nd Place Slash T Rodeo Stock Contractor Blue Ribbon
Mounted Individual 1st Place Macklyn Crnkovich Prize Money & a Plaque
Mounted Individual 2nd Place Sarah Roper Blue Ribbon
Mounted Individual 3rd Place Baily Reynolds Red Ribbon
Autos of the Past 1st Place Iron Horse Machinery Club Prize Money & a Plaque


Write-A-Story Contest
Ages 10 - 13
Jazmyne Freeman
Ages 6 - 9
Hailey Parrish - Hlawek
Ages 10 - 13
Anthony Barber
Coloring Contest
Ages 3 - 5 Audrey Mason
Ages 6 - 9 Angelina
Ages 10 - 12 Aoefe K.
Ages 13 - 18 Emily Wadsworth
Giant Veggie Contest

Sheree Tibbals' unusual Vegetable
Adult 1st Prize
Hugh Irons
Adult 2nd Prize
Becky Hill
Youth 1st Prize
Dalton Irons
Youth 2nd Prize
Madison Montero
Potato Critters Contest
Ages 5 & Under
Andres Castaneda
Ages 6 - 9
Logan Christensen  
Ages 10 - 12
Kaden Westmoreland  
Ages 13 - 18
Savannah Montero  
Ages 19 & Older
Laura House


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